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Self Defense in Carlsbad and North County San Diego

Whether it is to defend against abduction, rape, or sexual assault, the RAPT program actively implores women, on a local, statewide, and nationwide level, to educate themselves about self-defense before becoming another victimized statistic.

(Disclaimer:  While the Rape and Assault Prevention Training (RAPT) regimen intends to equip women with as many situations and conditions possible, it is impossible to cover all possibilities.  Moreover, the instructors are not informed unambiguously about each student’s experiences, facilities, or limitations, so they are incapable of providing specialized training without additional sessions.)

Corporate Assault Prevention Training (CAPT)

If you administer a company and you are looking for a great way to increase your “Bottom Line,” then consider scheduling an innovative “in-house” self-defense seminar from Carlsbad.  The Corporate Assault Prevention Training or CAPT program will raise revenue and decrease any deficits, as employees will become more confident, self-reliant, and trustworthy, all while building team confidence.  Here are some of the other perks involved with training corporate employees in self-defense.
Benefits of In-House Self-Defense Training:

Happy Healthy Employees are More Productive

In a recent study, researchers at Google have shown that employees are at least 15% more productive when they are in a good mood.  Moreover, companies that encourage health, safety, and personal welfare establish long-standing relationships between employer and employee.  Therefore, corporate self-defense programs are beneficial, because they offer fun group activities, while reinforcing reputable characteristics such as self-discipline, self-restraint, and mutual respect.  In addition, self-defense facilitates a healthy lifestyle, and employees will reduce stress levels, lose weight, and increase dexterity, meaning fewer sick days and greater daily production.

Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Nothing is more costly than workplace violence, as it creates massive disputes, decreases group moral, and results in the termination of employees.  Therefore, avert these potentially violent crises by enrolling your company in a self-defense workshop.  Employees will learn to reciprocate respect between one another, and the shared knowledge of martial arts will create a positive atmosphere for work to thrive.

Construct People Skills and Reinforce Ethics

As our programs emphasize non-violent conflict resolution prior to the execution of physical techniques, employees will learn alternative techniques for resolving their problems with people by utilizing problem solving, analytical thinking, and creative perseverance.

Build Trust, Enhance Teamwork, and Increase Confidence

Executing martial arts techniques takes trust between partners, as complex demonstrations involve cooperation over long periods of time.  Therefore, employees will build confidence between one another, which will create a stronger team that relies upon each other without hesitation.  Also, this type of training facilitates the formulation of self-discipline, an essential trait of a studious worker.

The Skills Learned at SDBJJ are Priceless

The countless benefits associated with immersing your employees within a specialized self-defense program from Carlsbad cannot be surmounted by any other team activity.  Please contact us as soon as possible and we can organize a session at your office or workplace.  Our curriculums are tailored to meet professional, as well as personal, standards, so feel free to help us understand your objectives.  Since our programs are hand crafted by our master practitioners, the CAPT program can be modified to meet beginner, intermediate, or expert self-defense expectations in any environment.

Children Harassment, Assault, and Mistreatment Prevention (CHAMP)

Starting at the age of 3, you can enroll your child in the Child Harassment, Assault, and Mistreatment Prevention (CHAMP) program.  CHAMP, created by the renowned Paulo Fernando Augusto, is a program aimed at teaching children, in elementary and middle school, how to deter and defend themselves from bullies.

What is Bullying?

Bullying involves the creation of a dominant and subordinate, or victimized, relationship between two children.  This imbalance of power is actualized through name-calling, teasing, rumors, rejection, taunting, threats, and finally physical abuse.  In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics recently reported over 28% of students nationwide experience bullying in younger age groups.  In many of these situations, children became prey to bullying because they represent themselves as defenseless recipients of mistreatment.

Denial of Circumstances

Many parents adopt a blind mentality to bullying by saying to themselves, “That could never happen to my child.”  However, most children involved in these circumstances keep bullies secret due to perceived disgrace, embarrassment, and fear of vengeance if disciplinary action were to be taken.  Typically, parents are unaware of the presence of bullies until their child starts to show the physical evidence of bullying.  In short, it could happen to anyone.

The consequences of Bullying

Bullying can lead to a whole host of academic, physical, and psychological repercussions for students who are subject to victimization.  These students tend to experience depression, anxiety, and lethargy, which in turn, decreases their participation and comprehension in the classroom.  In addition, students who are bullied are inclined to miss more school days and develop more health issues than those who are not.  In fact, 12 out of 15 school shootings in the 1990s involved kids who were previously bullied on a regular basis.  Moreover, bully precipitated suicide or bullycide is one of the leading causes of mortality among child under 14.

Benefits to CHAMP

With children in all age groups being exposed to bullying every single day, Paulo Fernando Augusto’s CHAMP program offers a poignant answer to the problem presented by bullying.  CHAMP focuses on teaching students how to recognize their current vulnerabilities and replace them with reassuring characteristics bullies avoid and despise.  Rather than assuming the role of victim, students are encouraged to adopt non-violent conflict resolution techniques through effective and emphatic communication.  In addition, Carlsbad instructors portray assistance or help in these situations as a valid option, and they advise children to ask for support from an adult when they feel endangered.  No kid should have to endure the pressure of a bully on top of the rigors of school; therefore, allow CHAMP to help your child gain self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem to dissipate bullies altogether through self-defense education at Carlsbad.